" A Tax Delayed is a Tax Reduced"





Reduction (or Deferment) of Income Taxes via

               Accelerated Depreciation: Cost Segregation Analysis


Reduction (or Deferment) of Capital Gains Taxes via

               Internal Revenue Code Sec. 1031


Reduction of Estate Taxes via

               Fractional Interests in Real Estate


Reduction of Real Estate Taxes via

               Challenging Assessor's Estimated Values






How to get financial independence?

  • Develop a reliable source of passive income.
  • Allow that source to work for you.
  • Keep abreast of your alternatives.




See the Walgreens at the top of the page? That can be a money machine!




  1. The building is rented by Walgreens who pays rent to the landlord.
  2. Walgreens also pays for the taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.
  3. The landlord is free from management duties.
  4. The landlord receives a "net rent" from a reliable source.




If the investor has a good accountant, the landlord may protect from taxes most of his income for a number of years.


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